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Monday, 20 January 2014

Everything has to start somewhere...


It is a relatively daunting experience to start writing a sewing blog when there are so many out there doing it so well; but it was with this in mind that I thought one more can’t hurt, and maybe I can bring something new to the blogshere! After reading various blogs over the last year and becoming absorbed with the progress of various sewists such as, the little tailoress at and to name but a very few I thought that this might be a great platform to share my passion for sewing and to take me on a new sewing journey.

My main reason for wanting to do this was because I wanted to take my sewing to another level, to learn new skills and to make it a more prominent part of my life. I have set down some clear New Year’s resolutions that I want to achieve and hope to chart the progress of these through this blog. Now I hope that someone will follow me doing this!?

Resolution 1: To start a blog! Haha! You have to have something on every list you can cross off immediately!

Resolution 2: To make a thoroughly thought out wardrobe – I want to make items for myself that I can wear every day and to cover all aspects of my wardrobe from underwear to outerwear. This means learning more skills and becoming a more accomplished sewer….I hope!

Resolution 3: To do more courses – Basically I have got to a point where I feel I want more instruction to make my clothes fit better, to be more professionally finished and also to branch out and make and design things for myself and to not always use a pattern. I hope to pass on some of the things I learn to you.

Resolution 4: To use the stash! – This one is simple! I just need to actually use the stash instead of buying fabric with a vague idea of its use in my head. I have recently moved in with my boyfriend and so space is tighter than ever and my allocated stash space is already full!! Time to rediscover the fabric that time forgot. Oh and I have to admit to a bit of a Liberty addiction so amongst the items I will inevitably make I will endeavour to make more things from other fabrics so I get more experience of sewing with trickier fabrics. Because let’s face it Liberty is a dream to work with.

Resolution 5: Have fun doing it! – I have spent a while not doing much sewing and feeling a little like I lost something in my life. I realise that I love this craft, that it makes me very happy and I want more than anything to get better at it and to hopefully inspire other people to do the same. When work and the daily grind get in the way of pursuing the things that make you happy then it’s time to redress the balance and in some small part I hope this blog will help achieve this in my life.

Have you set yourselves any sewing resolutions for the New Year? Love to hear about them.

In the meantime I am off to make a very small dent in resolution number 2 and 3 all in one go (clever huh?!) and get my outerwear sorted for the season. I have chosen to do the Craftsy course by Gertie – the scarlet suit jacket.

For anyone that isn’t aware of the immense resource that is Craftsy then take a look at everything that you can learn on there….. soooo much to do and so little time.

This will be my second jacket in the history of my sewing life. The first is a Minoru jacket by sewaholic which I have left unfinished on my sewing chair for about a year and a half until last week – mainly due to not really thinking it suited me.... It’s now hemmed and finished with pics below. 

And you know what? I wish I had finished it earlier as I really kind of like it!

Thanks for reading….until next time!

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