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Thursday, 23 January 2014

The stalling of the Starlet and the beginning of new things....

So its post Christmas, nearing the end of a very long January and I have very little money left for treating myself (make that no money, I just haven’t accepted reality yet!). It’s at this point that I realise I forgot to stock up on the muslin for completing the toile of the starlet jacket so my progress may be a bit slower than planned whilst I order some in even though my bank manager may hate me for doing so. 

In the meantime I have printed out the pattern and pieced it together. I really don’t like digital patterns all that much. They satisfy my need for ‘want it now’ but I always feel there’s a little too much of a potential for error on my part. I’m not always hot on accuracy when it comes to paper and sellotape. Plus you can’t beat a lovely tissue paper pattern in a beautifully printed package. In the interim whilst I wait for the toile fabric to turn up I have decided to try out a couple of other patterns that I have been looking at for a while.

The first pattern that I am going to make up is the Burda magazine peplum top featured in the August 2013 edition and available on their site.
This is I admit something I have had on the back burner for a little while so I have already traced the pattern pieces – it always takes me ages to work up to do a burda magazine pattern because I find this bit a touch loathsome - and I have cut it out in Liberty tana lawn….the addiction continues….Today I have serged all the edges to stop the top unravelling at the edges and of course it keeps the edges neat and professional looking on the inside. This took a little while as I always have to play mind games with my serger to make it work when I re-thread it with another colour! I have also added interfacing and sewn the darts and facing on so it’s all ready to go. It was actually a really quick straight forward bodice which I wasn't expecting for some reason.

The only changes I have made to the pattern is to double up the fabric on the peplum section as it is actually meant to be made of sturdy fabric but what with my addiction to Liberty and the need to reduce the stash I couldn’t resist using it for this top. Plus the double layer adds the weight I wanted in that section of the top and in all honesty I am pretty sure I can make anything from tana lawn if I try hard enough… I hope…this could be an epic fail!!

I also bought some denim from one of my favourite shops MacCulloch and Wallis in Dering Street in central London the other day. This lovely denim is now going to become a Miette skirt from Tilly and the Buttons. It is another digital pattern but straight forward enough that I don’t mind piecing it together. This one I hope will be quite a quick one to make.

Anyway I think that is enough pre-sewing prep work for today! I shall get on to the fun stuff tomorrow! See you soon.  

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