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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

The start of the Starlet

I have chosen the fabric for my starlet jacket, along with the blue lining. 

Oooh it’s a lovely wool tartan fabric with blues, greens and yellows running through it. Beautiful. Very excited to get started on the project but firstly to deal with the subject of how to pre-treat the fabric. The final coat will only be dry cleaned and the lady in the shop assured me I wouldn’t have to pre-shrink it but having looked at so many different sites about this it seems that even if you don’t intend to physically wash the fabric it’s important to make sure you steam it which can shrink wool quite a lot. And considering I intend to iron it during the actual making of the garment I have to assume any steam would shrink areas of fabric if not treated in this way. After some research I have collated three ways of doing this…

1 – with your iron on the steam setting at home hovering the iron above the fabric. I imagine this takes ages and honestly I don’t think I have the patience for it. It would also require space to lay out the fabric flat to dry…and space isn’t something I have a lot of!

2 – in the tumble dryer for about 30 minutes along with a couple of thick wet (with very hot water) and ringed out towels which produce the steam. The towels will probably still be damp when they come out but the wool shouldn’t really get wet at all. The following off the cuff blog has a great step by step instruction about how to do this here

3 – take it to your local dry cleaner and ask them to do it for you! A more expensive method so not one you may want to use but worthwhile if you don’t have a tumble dryer or are a little nervous about the method.

So even though it honestly makes me nervous as hell to stick my expensive wool in the tumble dryer – it does sound a little counter intuitive doesn’t it?? – the reviews I have read seem to present it as a  successful way of doing it so I think it’s the method I am going to go for. Eek!!

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