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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Absolute beginnner...

Do you ever think that even though you’ve been sewing for a while you still feel like an absolute beginner at times? It’s been an extremely busy work week and so I have been snatching half an hour here and there to sew up an easier project and chose the Miette skirt because as Tilly states it’s a beginner’s pattern. However I think I have managed to pretty much mess up every bit of it so far and it’s really made me feel like I haven’t learnt anything much since I started sewing!

I didn’t really think about the fabric choice. I honestly think my fabric is far too thick for this skirt and I don’t usually make that kind of rookie error but it’s probably a result of sewing far too often with tana lawn!! It’s so gloriously thin!!

I sewed the pieces as directed but managed to cut the seams too close in one place inside and almost jeopardised the whole thing. I normally use my interlocker over the seams prior to sewing a garment to neaten any edges that would be on show but for some reason chose not to and it all went a little wrong trying to zigzag the seams afterwards; especially trying to get through some of those layers!!

When I hemmed the back of the skirt my machine skipped stitches so I had to unpick it and re-do it which was surprisingly more difficult to do than usual, and when I had to put the waistband on it was so thick I managed to do a wiggly line which most definitely was not a 5/8 seam allowance! 

Time to put it aside for another day – one where sleep deprivation doesn’t impair my ability to do simple tasks.....that's my excuse for a bad sewing day anyway....

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