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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

The first Starlet Craftsy class

So since my last entry I have finished the peplum top – I’m really rather pleased with it and think the fit is pretty good. I didn’t know whether a peplum top would definitely suit me but I am very happy with it and would definitely recommend the pattern – it’s not difficult but it is more time consuming than I had imagined.I will post pics of me in it but I am already having one of those weeks at work that mean I am totally knackered and dont want to deal with being photographed so will have to do this another time! Here it is on my dress dummy though.

I have also pieced together and cut out the Miette skirt pattern – putting it to one side for now until I get the Starlet jacket started with the aim of alternating a harder longer project with hand tailoring techniques with a simpler and quicker project for more instant gratification.

I have just watched the first lesson in the Craftsy class for Gerties Starlet Suit Jacket. It really was just an introduction to the course and a talk through of all the different types of sewing accessories you can buy and materials you will need. I think I own maybe one of the accessories but I am not sure whether to invest in everything without knowing if I want make more items like this and I guess I won’t know that until after I have finished the course. Thankfully Gertie has said you don’t need all of them and she will suggest alternatives throughout. I do like the look of the presser and clapper though so I may have a think about that one further down the line….  

I am slightly daunted by the thought of hand tailoring this jacket. I am slightly more daunted now I realise there isn’t any specific lesson on tailoring the muslin which is what I was hoping for. The second lesson jumps straight into cutting out the fashion fabric and she just suggests that I use online resources for fitting the toile. I can’t help but feel slightly cheated there isn’t any direct help with this even in the more basic sense because that’s why I paid for the course. Also at least at this point I would have some written instructions to follow about how to actually put it all together but you have to have watched all of the lessons for that which is frustrating so I am just using my knowledge gained from sewing so far to get the toile together. Hopefully that will be enough but I am especially nervous of how to accurately transfer pattern changes to the paper pattern which I haven’t done before because if I'm honest I tend to be bad at actually doing the toile before hand and generally make small adjustments when I am making it. However I will give it a go and use what I have learnt from previous projects, online resources as suggested and from the many books waiting on my shelves and see what happens. I am really just ever so slightly nervous to think of getting it wrong and cutting out my lovely fabric in the wrong way. So I had better do a good job with the toile!!

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