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Monday, 31 March 2014

By Hand London - Kickstarter Campaign...what a brilliant idea

I have just pledged to the By Hand London kickstarter campaign to help them set up a custom fabric printing company... and I just thought what a brilliant idea! So great to have a fresh company like them setting something like this up. Its a little like the very well established American company Spoonflower but it feels nice to be able to help a young company, and a British one at that - think of the lower postage costs to get hold of all that lovely fabric!! What is nice is you also get a little something to say thank you which is always lovely. I really hope they raise the money needed to make it happen.

Think of the endless possibilities! When its up and running then you can create and upload your own designs to be printed out on demand or choose from other young up and coming designers patterns. Not to mention that they plan to stock wider fabrics as standard and the ability to have as much or as little as you need. I cant wait to give my designs a go! It looks like they will start with cotton poplin before moving on to other types of fabrics. I already have some inspiration for designing my own fabric. Following my holiday in Jordan I got to see so many beautiful and colourful Roman mosaics and I can just imagine how some of these could be made into beautiful fabrics. What do you think?

Basically the quicker everyone backs the kickstarter campaign the closer we all come to getting the ability to design something special!! How I say get on to kickstarter and pledge some money - and it can be anything from £1 upwards. By Hand Kickstarter Campaign Happy pledging!!

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