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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Miette and Burda Style folk skirt finished!

At last I am able to show the two projects I have finished recently; the Miette skirt from the wonderful Tilly and the Buttons, and a folk style skirt from Burda Style.

I have just come back from a holiday in Jordan and a little mini spa break in Bath - a holiday to get over the holiday!! - hence no posts for a few weeks. I had been frantically making both skirts to take away with me. I thought that the weather over there would be better but as it poured down with rain for half the holiday I only got to wear one of them from the vast amount of excess baggage I carted around with me!

In the end the Miette skirt came out well and I think it has a nice 70's air about it. The fabric was a little chunky for the design but I actually like the way the skirt falls because of it. My machine struggled through some of the layers though so I would choose something a little lighter next time otherwise I fear it could self combust....

 The Burda skirt was a nightmare. I had to buy four metres of fabric, make up patterns for each tier and then spend ages cutting the tiers out. The fabric seemed to cover the entire floor of my tiny flat. It was the epitome of dull! I normally don't mind this part of clothes making so much because it's the precursor to finally making something fun but on this occasion I just kept looking at the cut out lengths of fabric, the bottom tier itself was four metres long, that I just kept finding reasons not to make it. I had left it so late before my holiday I spent the last Sunday before I left literally sewing all day. The skirt itself is a simple construction but I fooled myself that I could do it in one day and once I started I wouldn't give up. I did pretty much achieve my goal but it has become a bit quirky through speed sewing!! Each section is gathered and sewn to the piece above. I sewed french seams throughout which was good for a lovely finish but a pain when gathering four meters in one go and also it was effectively sewing up eight metres just on the bottom tier alone. It was by this point I was sure I was loosing my marbles. I also lined it as the fabric is really see through in certain lights so that just added another layer of fun to the creative making process!!

It was a frustrating skirt to make and may have been less so if I had made more time in my life to do it. But essentially it's a boring sewing experience and not one I plan to repeat any time soon! I rushed it so much that I managed to cut a piece of the main fabric because it was hard to see what I was doing which was almost the last straw! Luckily the fabric is busy and the cut small so I hand patched it and moved on!!

Time ran out on that Sunday and I was busy hemming it before I flew out of the UK the next day meaning I think the whole thing is potentially ever so slightly wonky! Definitely not my best work!! But I actually really like it and have wanted something floaty, comfortable and girly to wear during summer for a while and it definitely ticks the boxes. Maybe not such an epic fail after all.... Well as long as no-one looks too closely!


  1. Hi! I just bough the pattern for this skirt and I think I might have bitten off a lot more than I can swallow. This is my first project making a piece of clothing. I wanted a skirt just like this and I thought, why not make it myself, right? I have no idea where to even start! Any help and guidance on how to read the pattern would be lovely. I mean, the photo of your final project is just beautiful!!!

    1. Hi Paola. Thanks for your kind comments about my skirt – just wish it wasn’t raining so much and I could wear it!! I assume you meant you were trying to make the Miette skirt? The Miette is a simple skirt pattern and more than achievable for a beginner but it really depends on how much experience you have had with a sewing machine and I understand your nervousness as I felt the same way when I made my first item of clothing.

      Don’t be put off by the pattern terminology as it really isn’t difficult - you just need a little patience and just remember everyone has to start somewhere. The first step would be to measure yourself accurately – there is lots of info online about how to take proper measurements – and then choose the correct size for you. The best bit about this skirt is you only really need to use your waist measurement – the skirt flows out quite wide so unless you have much bigger hips you will be ok to cut the size based on this measurement. Then take some time to choose fabrics – something easy like a cotton poplin (quilters weight would be nice for this as it’s easy to sew with), make sure you have everything you need, scissors, cotton and a good new needle on your machine (a 11/75 - 14/90 works well for this fabric) and then just sit down and read the instructions all the way through before starting to cut out anything to make sure you understand it. Most mistakes I make are from not reading what I have had to do thoroughly beforehand and it’s so easy to avoid. Tilly has done a really good step by step on the skirt here with some lovely pics -

      Sorry to write so much – I could write so much more so if you need any specific advice do ask! Hope that helps you get started. And just remember that it is so exciting when you finally finish your first piece and get to wear it out for the first time! That feeling motivated me to want to make so much more for myself. I look forward to seeing your skirt in the near future. Happy sewing!


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