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Friday, 18 April 2014

Fabric stores and impulsive buying...

I recently moved jobs to work in Islington in London and as yesterday was a slower day at the office I thought I would scout out the local fabric emporiums...which turned out to be a bad move as the excellent Raystitch is just five minutes walk down the road.... I came out of the shop having bought two cute Deer and Doe patterns - the Belladone dress and Daruta blouse.

Has anyone else used these patterns? I saw Paunnet had reviewed a couple and I checked out their website and fell in love with them. Can't wait to try them out! Think I may have to invest in the Anemone skirt too!

I did however buy these patterns with the promise to myself that I would use the stash thereby clearing some of the stacks of fabric which are getting out of control again!! I pulled out the cottons waiting to be cut into and thought maybe the spotty one which looks like paint splodges or roses for the top and the green one with peachy flowers for the dress..... What do you think? It's so hard to decide...

I also came out having bought two pattern cutting classes as well! That's a lot of spending in thirty minutes!! I am happy to say I have found a way to justify my exorbitance though. It's my birthday soon and I decided that it is acceptable to buy everything under the banner of treating myself for getting another year older! Plus I loved doing the skirt pattern cutting course and I was trying to find somewhere that was doing bodice and trouser classes. So really it was fate that I walked in there!! Yippee!!

Does anyone else go weak at the knees and wallet when you walk through the door of a haberdashery and fabric shop?? I feel like it's something I should get help for but I just find it much more therapeutic than clothes shopping any day. Thinking I could go back soon and browse the fabrics.... After all I do get a 10% discount for purchasing the classes.....Mmmm....

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