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Sunday, 13 April 2014

Finally fitting the Craftsy Starlet Jacket and a lovely little present!

So eventually after a little break I have managed to get back into the Craftsy course for Gertie's Starlet Jacket. I spent the weekend trying to get the body to fit correctly. After analysing my first attempt I felt I had overcomplicated it somehow and took all the pins out to work out where I felt the fit was a little wrong on me.

The front of the jacket seemed just fine but it was the upper to middle back section that was too big on me - and when I thought about it I had a similar problem on another couple of projects I had made last summer from Gertie's book. It seems that all her patterns come up too broad on the shoulder area for me and so I took in the princess seams on the back - at the top of the jacket by over a 1cm on each side, tapering the seam down towards the middle of my back to nothing. When I tried it on again it seemed to fit much better so with a little alteration of the original pattern pieces and with my fingers crossed I re-cut the fabric and sewed the pieces together again to make another toile. I think it has worked out this time.... albeit that the two back side pieces were too short - it seems altering the pattern pieces wasn't as easy as I thought. I had to add the extra length to the side back pattern pieces to make them the correct length so hopefully it should be ok. The slight hiccup has meant that the shape and grain line has changed ever so slightly on these pieces but they seem to fit much better than before so I am not going to tamper with them too much. Now I just have to sort the arms out!

On another note I had a lovely present through the post last week from a friend who I had gifted some knitting supplies to. I don't know about you but when I decide I want to take up a craft hobby I go a little loopy and buy everything - mostly things that far exceed my skill level!! I did this with jewellery design, quilting and also knitting! I did knit a couple of scarves which I gifted to friends and a successful snood dog which I wear all the time in winter from the brilliant Wool and the Gang but I just found moving on to the next level - well knitting anything other than scarves with big needles too slow and time consuming! Plus I realise that knitting patterns are a little like gobbledygook to me. When I started sewing whilst I may not have been great at it I understood it in a way that I just don't get with knitting - its like trying to read a foreign language. Sewing just came more naturally to me. So after not using any of my wool stash or the books I bought for soooo long I decided to give them to someone who could knit well and would actually use the supplies I bought. And she sent me this lovely hat as she knew that it was something I wanted to knit and frankly would never have been able to. How lovely!! It's super soft and warm too. I just wish it was colder outside so I could wear it more! Bring on winter.....

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