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Friday, 2 May 2014

'Love at First Stitch' - Another Sewing Purchase!

Another day, another sewing purchase! As I went out for lunch today I had a sudden desire to walk into Waterstones and peruse their crafty section only to see the last copy of 'Love at First Stitch' by Tilly Walnes waiting for me to take it from the shelves. I really like it. It's definitely a meaty book, worth the money, easy to read, jam packed with info and helpful tips and of course lovely patterns. It is aimed at beginners but I thought the patterns in it were too cute to put the book back down so I bought it and have been pouring over it for the last few hours.

I love new sewing books and the fact they open up a realm of opportunities to make new wondrous items of clothing for my wardrobe. It's also great that new independent designers like Tilly are popping up all the time. I realised today that I can't remember the last time I used a vogue, simplicity or any other branded pattern from a big company like that. The majority of them don't feel modern enough to me and generally the photography is dire with awful fabric choices and awkward looking models that don't really sell the clothes well; even great designs get hidden by outdated presentation. I struggled when I first started sewing to find anything I wanted to make and wear and that's why I love these types of books. Collette, Gretchen and now Tilly have all produced lovely colourful books, with beautiful pictures and easy to follow designs in styles which you look at and think I could wear that! That's all you want really! Sewing for yourself should be just as fashion forward as buying something from Topshop or other high street stores so I don't understand how some pattern companies get it so wrong.
These are my favourite patterns from the book....

I think I may have found a few things to help me reduce that stash! Thanks Tilly!


  1. I just stumbled across a link to your blog through Twitter (for the Nani Iro Belladone actually!), but I've been reading a lot about this book too. Thanks for posting the pictures of some of the patterns - I haven't had a chance to look inside yet, but those patterns do look genuinely lovely! I think it's going to have to be purchased asap...

    Happy sewing!

  2. Hi Liv. Thanks for taking a look at the blog - I have yet to work out the world of Twitter but glad you found me! Tilly's book is really nicely put together and I think definitely worth a purchase. I am contemplating making the Megan dress next as its really cute. Cant wait! Happy sewing to you too!

  3. Sounds good. I look forward to seeing your creations! I'll add you to my blog list! :)


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