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Monday, 2 June 2014

My first self made skirt!

I am sorry it has taken so long to post again but I was determined that my next post should be about something I self here it goes my first self drafted skirt - a reasonable wearable toile I think.
It was whilst trying to work out how to make up a pattern for a cowl top on my last post that I thought to myself I should take a step back and try drafting something a wee but more achievable for my first self drafted pattern. I went back and had a look at my skirt pattern-cutting lesson notes and came to the conclusion that it would be a lot easier to deal with a skirt than a bodice at this point.
What I had realised in the first instance is that I need some inspiration to work from so in an effort to be an efficient and organised person I started my first scrapbook, taking pictures from magazines of things I would like to buy and then working out how to deconstruct them by doing some awful pencil doodles next to them.... I used to be so good at art too!

I wonder whether this is how you work out how you are going to make things - or maybe you are creative enough to make up your own designs? At the moment I feel it helps to have a little bit of a guide to go from.

I finally chose the skirt in the picture below because I could clearly see the lines and how it had been put together. I think my skirt isn't too far off the original although when I make it again - and I would like to do it in denim then I will make the flare a little more exaggerated.

By drawing it and picking it apart I felt I had a reasonable idea about how to make it. The one thing I didn't like about it was that it rested on her hips and I have to say I stopped wearing things like this a long time ago as I don't think it flatters me. So my only alteration was to move it up to be a waist height skirt and added a couple of darts front and back.

I picked some old royal blue gabardine I bought for about £5 when I first started sewing and then made up my first draft muslin - it is perfect for this project as it is stiff enough to provide a skirt with some shape just like the denim in the picture - although as I found out a real pain to sew with - tough as old boots. I was faithful to the original skirt in as far as it contained all the correct elements and it looked pretty much the same although as I had moved the waist of the skirt I really hadn't got the proportions correct at all for the top two tiers. I couldn't leave it like this as it would have been an epic fail and a frumpy one at that!!

In the end I decided to take about 5-6 inches off of the waistline and then I re-drafted the top tiers to fit the new dimension with the help of my master skirt block. I cut it all out again in the gabardine and viola! I left the hem raw so I can the frayed effect in the image above as well.

I think the gabardine is a gorgeous colour and in the hope that it would work out okay I serged all the inside edges and took time to sew it together - well most of it anyway as the waistband could be better. I do think it looks quite lovely! I am proper proud of myself!! Sorry that's rather a lot of self admiration there but I am a little bit buoyed up about starting to self draft things now - I know it will take practise but I am very happy to have made something on my own! Now I would like to get a nice denim and make it up once more.

The funny thing is that as I wasn't following a proper pattern it seemed to come together so much more quickly than normal and I really enjoyed the process all the way from working out the construction to finishing the final stitch. I have now labelled all the pictures in my book and kept the pattern pieces in an envelope with a corresponding number at the back of my scrapbook. My own pattern book... One day I hope to have a whole load of reusable patterns at my disposal!!

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