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Sunday, 20 July 2014

My Mimi blouse....

Here it is... the second item I have made from Tilly's book, 'Love at First Stitch'. The Mimi blouse is a wonderfully simple shirt to make and I love it. I wore it out as soon as it was finished and I am very happy with it. It was also another item made from my fabric stash and the buttons were also from a load bought from Liberty's last summer.
The thing I really like about these patterns is that I don't need to alter them at all. They are built for me and my shape which is a dream. Also the pattern pieces actually fit together brilliantly and the patterns feel really well thought out and put together. Admittedly its a novice pattern from a learn to sew book but there are enough touches on this to make it interesting and its not the most simple pattern in the book for beginners. Sometimes its nice to make things like this as you end up concentrating on the finish even more. And its a lovely staple piece. I don't normally go back to make more than one of something, I wouldn't for example buy three of the same shirts and its unlikely I will want to wear the same thing season after season, but I do think I could make this up again and again in different fabrics. Its such an easy shape to wear.

Take a look at my other post which shows off some of the other lovely patterns in the book. I still have my eye on a couple more makes but think next time I will concentrate on the Hand London patterns I have waiting for me.
I love the detail on the shirt sleeve. I am not sure whether you able to see it on this fabric very well but its basically a double pleat with one pleat going over the other, creating a bit of volume on the sleeve and an interesting triangular shape. I don't generally like short sleeves on me so would change them if they were plain and ordinary but I think this looks lovely.
The fabric is of course a Liberty tana lawn - perfect lightweight cotton for the current heatwave we are experiencing here in London. I have to admit that it wasn't my favourite fabric in the stash and i had real reservations about using it but as soon as i cut it out I started to gain some confidence in  my decision to use it and I think it looks good. The buttons and the button holes are a nice turquoise and pick out those colours in the fabric nicely.
I have lots more tana lawn to use so I am sure you will see other items made in various prints popping up. But do check out my post about swapping fabric. I have just under 2 metres of lovely Liberty fabric to swap with someone out there - the colours just don't suit me anymore but I don't want to see if go to waste!

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Hand London Kickstarter Thank You! Thank You! Party

I had such a lovely weekend and its been a busy, busy one. It started off with a lovely little party put on by Hand London to say a thank you! thank you! to all the people that contributed to their Kickstarter campaign to get the fabric printing side of their business off the ground.

Held in a back street in Peckham the locals must have wondered what was going on as a large group of ladies descended wearing the brightest colours and patterns as they all took the time to show off their lovely hand made clothes. Now I admit to rushing from work and not at all preparing so nothing I was wearing was made by me unfortunately so no photos of me in my creations!

There were all sorts of Anna, Georgia, Elisalix and Charlotte variations in the crowd and it was quite fun looking at all the different ways that people had adapted each pattern and the types of fabrics that they had used. One of my favourite fabrics was a comic book themed stretch fabric and my favourite pattern hack was a Charlotte variation cut shorter with a wide frill at the bottom and a matching top, something I would like to have a go at when I have a moment, however there seems to be so many things on the to do list that I am not sure when that moment will come.... My attempt at making the Anna dress and Rigel bomber has already been put aside for another pattern, Tilly's Mimi blouse, which I will post about later this week and my fabric just arrived for my Simplicity trousers.

They put on a lovely little spread and I gorged myself on mini sausages and my favourite cheese and pineapple sticks. The nicest thing about the evening was the ability to have generally nerdy sewing conversations with people who share your interests and I found that incredibly liberating and inspiring as there were so many talented people there. I met embroiderers, people going off to uni to learn costume design and then people like me, the selfish sewers out there who sew purely for themselves and the gratification of making something just for us to wear. All in all it was a lovely evening. Thank you! Thank you!

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Saturday swap shop!

Whilst picking out the fabrics for my next project I realised I often make things once before putting the pattern aside and never touching it again unless its a staple basic. I also tend to buy fabric which sits in my stash or which I have used some of but because I don't want a wardrobe full of things made from the same fabrics I don't use the rest. I have tended to get a wee bit obsessed with one fabric during the early days of my sewing career and soon realised that when you have loads of items made of the same pattern it severely limits your wardrobe choices; however different the garment is in style it feels like you are wearing the same thing over and over!

With this in mind I had an idea that would help propel those unused pieces of fabric and those lovely patterns used but not quite forgotten to a place where they would be wanted again. I thought I could involve you all to see whether anyone out there wanted to swap some fabric or a pattern with me. I thought it would be a really interesting exercise to swap something to see what we both make and then share the results with each other. If it proves a success then I have many things to swap and it could become a regular thing! I would rather see my fabric pieces or unused patterns go to a good home. What do you think?

The first thing I have to swap is a lovely piece of Liberty Tana lawn pictured below. It is creamy, yellowy and has lots of abstract looking flowers all over it. Sorry if the colours don't come across Trula accurate in these pictures but the light is awful here today!

I used this fabric to make this lovely Sassy Librarian blouse from - its from a Craftsy class I took a while ago by Christine Haynes. And yes I have blonde hair here, not the red I am currently sporting. I just outed myself as a fake redhead :-)

I have just under 2 metres of this lovely stuff to exchange with someone else. It's a super fabric to work with and I have a love of Liberty so have tonnes of it in my stash. The reason for not using the rest of this is mainly because I don't think it suits me now I have changed my hair colour. If you fancy a new wardrobe a change of hair colour makes everything you used to wear look very odd. Best excuse to invest in new clothes if ever there was one!

So I have put in place a few stipulations regarding an exchange -

1 - You must make a comment to exchange an item and let me see a clear piccie of what it is. It would also be great to know what you used it for, if anything, and why you want to swap it.

2 - What you plan to use the Liberty fabric I am offering in exchange for.

3 - The exchange must be more or less equal - so it would be great to get between 1 1/2 - 2 metres of uncut fabric in return for this fabric piece. Quality wise it would also be nice to get something of a similar quality in return after all its all about wanting to expand our wardrobes so exchanging something free of defects and that you love but cant quite find a use for anymore or like me you don't feel like it suits you.

4 - We both send our items to each other in the post within a few days of the exchange.

5 - As part of the exchange I would be really excited to see what someone else has made with the fabric they have exchanged with me and in return I will do a post about both of our creations and if you write a sewing blog it would be lovely to be on your blog too.

Initially this wont be a randomly generated pick as I think we both have to love what we are exchanging so I will put a deadline on the swap as Saturday 2nd August and see who responds....hopefully it peaks some interest! At this point I will choose the exchange and post another swap item. I have a couple of patterns that I would like to swap for something else.

If it proves popular then I may make it a monthly thing. Can't wait to get started! Happy swapping!