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Sunday, 13 July 2014

Hand London Kickstarter Thank You! Thank You! Party

I had such a lovely weekend and its been a busy, busy one. It started off with a lovely little party put on by Hand London to say a thank you! thank you! to all the people that contributed to their Kickstarter campaign to get the fabric printing side of their business off the ground.

Held in a back street in Peckham the locals must have wondered what was going on as a large group of ladies descended wearing the brightest colours and patterns as they all took the time to show off their lovely hand made clothes. Now I admit to rushing from work and not at all preparing so nothing I was wearing was made by me unfortunately so no photos of me in my creations!

There were all sorts of Anna, Georgia, Elisalix and Charlotte variations in the crowd and it was quite fun looking at all the different ways that people had adapted each pattern and the types of fabrics that they had used. One of my favourite fabrics was a comic book themed stretch fabric and my favourite pattern hack was a Charlotte variation cut shorter with a wide frill at the bottom and a matching top, something I would like to have a go at when I have a moment, however there seems to be so many things on the to do list that I am not sure when that moment will come.... My attempt at making the Anna dress and Rigel bomber has already been put aside for another pattern, Tilly's Mimi blouse, which I will post about later this week and my fabric just arrived for my Simplicity trousers.

They put on a lovely little spread and I gorged myself on mini sausages and my favourite cheese and pineapple sticks. The nicest thing about the evening was the ability to have generally nerdy sewing conversations with people who share your interests and I found that incredibly liberating and inspiring as there were so many talented people there. I met embroiderers, people going off to uni to learn costume design and then people like me, the selfish sewers out there who sew purely for themselves and the gratification of making something just for us to wear. All in all it was a lovely evening. Thank you! Thank you!

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