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Sunday, 20 July 2014

My Mimi blouse....

Here it is... the second item I have made from Tilly's book, 'Love at First Stitch'. The Mimi blouse is a wonderfully simple shirt to make and I love it. I wore it out as soon as it was finished and I am very happy with it. It was also another item made from my fabric stash and the buttons were also from a load bought from Liberty's last summer.
The thing I really like about these patterns is that I don't need to alter them at all. They are built for me and my shape which is a dream. Also the pattern pieces actually fit together brilliantly and the patterns feel really well thought out and put together. Admittedly its a novice pattern from a learn to sew book but there are enough touches on this to make it interesting and its not the most simple pattern in the book for beginners. Sometimes its nice to make things like this as you end up concentrating on the finish even more. And its a lovely staple piece. I don't normally go back to make more than one of something, I wouldn't for example buy three of the same shirts and its unlikely I will want to wear the same thing season after season, but I do think I could make this up again and again in different fabrics. Its such an easy shape to wear.

Take a look at my other post which shows off some of the other lovely patterns in the book. I still have my eye on a couple more makes but think next time I will concentrate on the Hand London patterns I have waiting for me.
I love the detail on the shirt sleeve. I am not sure whether you able to see it on this fabric very well but its basically a double pleat with one pleat going over the other, creating a bit of volume on the sleeve and an interesting triangular shape. I don't generally like short sleeves on me so would change them if they were plain and ordinary but I think this looks lovely.
The fabric is of course a Liberty tana lawn - perfect lightweight cotton for the current heatwave we are experiencing here in London. I have to admit that it wasn't my favourite fabric in the stash and i had real reservations about using it but as soon as i cut it out I started to gain some confidence in  my decision to use it and I think it looks good. The buttons and the button holes are a nice turquoise and pick out those colours in the fabric nicely.
I have lots more tana lawn to use so I am sure you will see other items made in various prints popping up. But do check out my post about swapping fabric. I have just under 2 metres of lovely Liberty fabric to swap with someone out there - the colours just don't suit me anymore but I don't want to see if go to waste!

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