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Saturday, 6 September 2014

Coming back from my sewing wasteland

Its been a bit of a sewing wasteland for me over these last few weeks as work and illness have got in the way. I finally feel like I have some head space to get back into it which is fabulous. Its been frustrating not having the energy to start a new project with any gusto.

I have finished my simplicity trousers and will post these up very soon - they do look rather lovely I think - but I have been woefully late in trying to get the Myrtle dress finished in time for the sew a long finale. I have managed to cut out my fabric - which took an enormous amount of time as doing it in a small flat on the carpet is not ideal. Jersey sticks to carpet and pulls it slightly which isn't ideal. I also chose stripey jersey as my fabric and I am pretty sure I have made some mistakes in the placement of those pattern pieces but only time will tell. I plan that my Sunday this weekend is going to be all about sewing that Myrtle up. I have read through all the sew a long blog posts and it doesn't look too daunting. Its my first foray into jersey sewing for a very long time so it will definitely be a test. I really should have chosen a lovely plain fabric!!

Whilst I haven't had time to actually sew it hasn't meant I haven't had time to dream up my next run of sewing projects. It is getting a little colder here in London and I have realised my winter wardrobe is most definitely lacking. I need new everything from jumpers, trousers, shoes and most importantly a winter coat. I don't imagine I will have the time to sew everything up for myself but I wanted to have a go at the key pieces this year. There are a couple of patterns I have got excited about and they will be my next challenge.

The first is this lovely looking coat pattern by Gertie for Butterick. Its exactly the type of coat I am looking for as a staple coat for the season and I think its a really cute shape. I love her vintage inspired patterns and think you can do a lot with this one. The checked version on the front is pretty abysmal but the purple one is divine. It looks super classy.

I am slightly nervous about making a coat for the first time but this one is labelled as easy so it shouldn't be too difficult and as there are no closures it makes it much less daunting! I just need to chose the fabric and cannot quite decide the colour scheme. I am thinking of either a double grey with lighter grey on the main coat and darker grey on the collar and tie or a bright full on colour like teal or pink - pink seems very in right now although I am not sure yet whether it will clash completely with my hair! I think I want a boucle fabric as well but I want to invest in something that will keep me warm and not fall apart instantly so I have to go on a fabric hunt for that one in town. I am not sure if a heavier weight fabric would be good for this but I was also thinking about a wool or tweed. The one thing that may sway my fabric colour chose is that I did manage to buy a couple of lovely scarves from Zara which are beautiful, feature lovely autumnal colours and are HUGE!! I really want to be able to wear them with something other than my leather jacket so I must try and colour co-ordinate.

The other pattern I have bought is for a jumper made out of fleece backed or looped back jersey. Its from a new company - well new to me anyway - called Capital Chic Patterns. She has named all her items after cocktails which I just love and the jumper I want to sew up is a White Russian. It's a very simple raglan design but has templates to do some quilting on the front which are super cute. I have downloaded the pdf file, ordered the fabric and now am deciding between the lion or the fox motifs...Which one is the cutest in your opinion?

I like the fact its pretty versatile and you can do a lot with it. I hope mine turns out as nicely as hers.

She has a few other lovely patterns on her site but my other favourite by far is the Martini - she describes it as a cocktail dress with a twist. I have yet to buy it but I have a wedding coming up on New Years Eve and I might just have to give a go for that. It is in the very fashionable shape of a crop top and high waisted skirt but without the need to flash your belly. Wonderful!

Finally I have been spending my time ogling a new sewing magazine called 'Love Sewing'. 

A lot of these sewing magazines are full of really fuddy duddy old fashioned stuff or articles on items to sew up that are a little dull to me but this has a nice mixture and a focus on the types of sewing patterns I would sew up and is good for total beginners to advanced. And as a bonus they give freebies out every month. Whats not to love!!

Right must get on with finally photographing my trousers so I can post those up tomorrow. Happy sewing everyone!

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