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Sunday, 5 October 2014

Bunny Print Shorts from Love Sewing Magazine

I have to admit to getting sidetracked from the Holly jumpsuit sew-along. I thought about starting it so many times last week and in all honesty I am just not sure if I want to make it yet because I suddenly realised I am not sure if I am actually going to wear it when I do - I have been thinking it may not suit me so thinking about it for a little longer. I want to focus on things that I will definitely want to wear and so I am putting it to one side for now, although probably not forever. So instead I made up a quick pair of shorts from the Love Sewing magazine. Now officially my favourite sewing magazine!

The shorts are made from a viscose fabric, blue with white, red and green bunnies on it. Very cute and cheap too so not an expensive thing to run up as you only need a metre of fabric. And on the plus side I made them up in only a few hours.

I really like them and sometimes something super simple proves to be a satisfying make.

The waistband is elasticated along the back whilst the front is a normal faced waistband meaning it doesn't have any annoying zippers to insert. Perfect for a beginner or for a quick project in between harder patterns.

All in all a pretty pair of shorts and I'm very pleased. Now on to the next project!!

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