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Sunday, 12 October 2014

My Winter Wardrobe In The Planning

I have spent some time looking over various patterns and fabrics to put together a list of things I am going to make for my fall to winter wardrobe....and I better get a hurry on as its getting far too chilly for my liking! I have tried not to dive in and get just anything that takes my fancy but to think more about the items I am going to make and how I am going to wear them - and colour is a very important aspect of this. To be honest planning ahead this much is a new thing to me and something I am trying to be better at as in the past I would happily make something without thinking about whether it fits in somewhere in my existing wardrobe. I think you can get away with a more random selection of patterns in a summery wardrobe but a wintry one requires more forward planning as there is more layering going on and not to mention coats to think about. Colour co-ordination is key! I have to admit that when I had ordered all of my fabrics and I got them out all together the key colour theme was black....mmm....I think I will have to inject the colour into my outfits with my accessories then!!

The first fabric I bought was a cotton lawn which I have shown on this blog before. Its called Gnome Pants and is from Rashida Coleman Hale and the 'Moonlit' collection. I fell in love with it as I was searching for a fabric for the Holly jumpsuit. When it arrived my boyfriend declared it looked like something out of the eighties which wasn't really the look I was going for, however I am still sure it will look good when I make up my chosen pattern. I want to make the wrap dress from Gertie's new book 'Sewing Vintage Casual' and I think this will be super cute. Every winter I resort to wearing jeans and boots and some top or other and berate myself for not having more dresses. This year I plan to change that!

The next fabric is a Robert Kaufman fabric which is blacky blue in colour. It is called Dot Chambray from his 'Chambray Union' collection. Its a super simple design and I think it will go with most things. I want to make the Anemone skirt from Deer and Doe which has been on my list for ages - in fact I think I have had the pattern for about 6 months already. I plan on making the shorter of the two pattern options and have seen some lovely versions online. I do think however that this fabric is way too lightweight for this skirt so I plan to underline it and omit the lining on the skirt to stop bulk. I am hoping this will make the skirt look more structured, the side sections on the shorter skirt flop too much in a  lightweight fabric.

This fabric is by Atelier Brunette and is called 'By Bye Birdie' in black. It is a cotton which feels the same as a lawn in weight so its not too heavy. I had ideas of making this into a bomber jacket with a lining for the autumn - I still haven't got round to making up the raglan bomber from Papercut Patterns and I actually think this could work quite well. I am still debating what I would use to line it with as I would need something warm without adding too much bulk. I plan to talk a little more about linings in another post but suffice to say it isn't an easy decision to make as there are so many options and I am a little bewildered by which way to go. If I don't make up my mind this could easily become a dress in some shape or form!

This fabric is from Leah Duncan for Art Gallery Fabrics and is called 'City Lights Night', it has a black background with colourful dots which I guess represent tower blocks at night. It is listed as a quilters weight cotton but I think it's suitable for dressmaking as it isn't too heavy and has a nice drape. I was thinking this would be lovely made into the Megan Nielsen's 'Darling Ranges' dress but am instead opting to make the 'Holly Jumpsuit' by By Hand London using the top of the button down version and then omitting the trousers and adding a nice skirt instead. I did wonder about making the playsuit but think this will suit me much better and then I saw the version Katie from 'What Katie Sews' made and it cemented my decision!

This fabric is the one I bought to make the Holly Jumpsuit when I planned to complete the sew-along. It is from Moda by Laundry Basket Quilts and it's a jelly bean batik fabric called 'Moss Fruity'. I now plan on making it into a full, midi length skirt. I have an idea about how I would like it to look but just have to draw it and make the pattern up. I think I may underline it to make the fabric more structured as I don't want it to flop. I think it will look lovely with a simple t-shirt or jumper. The colours are very autumnal so they fit the season well.

I also plan to attempt the Nettie bodysuit from Closet Case Files. I have been eyeing it for a while and it would work perfectly as a winter staple. I feel more confident about having a go at it now I have some more experience with jersey fabric with the Myrtle dress and White Russian sweatshirt.

In another post I am going to talk about making winter coats. I have a few patterns I am planning on making up and one I am in the process of making a toile for.

I cant wait to start making up my winter wardrobe. What do you have planned for yours?

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