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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Deer and Doe Anemone Skirt and the Harrogate Stitching and Knitting Show

Last week was an exciting week of sewing related goodness. I have spent the early part of the week making up the lovely Deer and Doe Anemone Skirt and then went up to Harrogate in Yorkshire for a lovely few days away - handmade Raspberry wool coat and Anemone skirt in hand. I met up with a good friend (the only one who really understands my crafting obsession!) and we went to the Stitching and Knitting show to partake in classes and to have a general mooch around for bargains and bits and bobs that take our fancy. But more of that later!

The Anemone skirt was a pleasure to make and is flattering to wear. Its easy to construct, it has no waistband and only requires various panels to be sewn together for the outer section, peplum and lining I think it would be very easy for a beginner to complete as the only tricky bit is the concealed zip. I managed to sew this up in an afternoon and really enjoyed it. The Deer and Doe patterns are so easy to follow and the instructions for this skirt are only about 3 or 4 pages long so there is not too much to do before you have a lovely finished skirt.

I made some minor alterations to the pattern. The material that I used was very thin and needed to be underlined to bulk it up a little bit and make it suitable for purpose. It was a lovely piece of bluey, black spotted chambray from Robert Kaufman.

I cut out the exact pattern pieces twice, once in the main fabric and once in black poplin, serged the pieces together and sewed the two pieces as one as per the instructions of the pattern. I didn't want to add a lining as I thought this would add too much bulk so I made facings for the top of the skirt and reinforced the facing by stitching in the ditch of the seams of the skirt, which stops the waistband rolling up. Sorry about the awful photo, the light and weather is so awful today I couldn't seem to take a good one.

The main thing I like about this skirt is whilst the design is relatively simple the peplum sides make it look quite quirky. Its a very wearable style.

I have been looking at other peoples versions of the skirt and there are so many lovely examples out there. I think I would like to make the other version which is slightly longer and omits the peplum sides. Its very cute! The picture below is from the Deer and Doe website.

So on to Harrogate. Its such a lovely small spa town and I enjoyed spending some time up there. The one thing you have to do when you go is to spend some time at the Harrogate Turkish Baths. It was renovated about 14 years ago and the interiors are original from over a hundred years ago which is pretty awesome. Its nice to know you are somewhere that hasn't changed for over a century. And its so beautiful. Just take a look at these pictures and the beautiful tiles on the wall and floors.

We spent a couple of hours in the steam room, sauna rooms and plunge pool before a lovely luxuriant spa treatment; exfoliation, massage and facial. Bliss. I totally recommend it to anyone going to Harrogate.

The spa set us up for a lovely time at the Stitching and Knitting show the following day. I missed the one in London as by the time I had got myself round to booking tickets the classes had all sold out, and to be honest its the reason you go as the rest of it is stalls upon stalls of people selling stuff. Don't get me wrong I enjoy shopping as much as the next person but the stalls are generally aimed at knitters or quilters of which I am neither. I did however find a few good things and am very happy with my purchases!

It was a couple of weeks after the London show that my friend invited me to the Harrogate one as she had won complimentary tickets. I booked myself on to a couple of classes - 'making a scarf with dispersable dyes' and 'lovely lacy knickers'. The thing I liked about the show was that you could try out all sorts of different crafts which you have never done before and then excitedly buy all the tools to do it at home from within the show itself. The first class wasn't really my thing - it was essentially using dyes painted on paper and then ironing the paper on to polyester. I didn't really get into it but you can see from the picture below the type of effects people got from it and some really do look pretty interesting.

During the second class I learnt how to sew a pair of lacy knickers which was amazingly easy and quite satisfying. I have to admit to then going upstairs to the merchandise stalls and buying a load of stretchy lace from a Dutch man who had such beautiful items on sale. I also bought some non stretch lace to make a bra. I tried this a long time ago and liked doing it but didn't see it through to the end. I think I would like to perfect my lingerie skills and start making my own. The lace was unbelievably cheap for what you get and I could knock out about 4 or 5 knickers an hour its that quick to do.

Whilst at the show I also bought myself a vintage shirt pattern - a beautiful Butterick wrap shirt shown below.

I also found an online fabric shop that sells beautiful vintage inspired fabrics and silks and actual vintage fabrics and bits and bobs like belt buckles etc.... - Til The Sun Goes Down. I spent so long ogling the fabrics and totally recommend having a look at the online shop. They all look amazing quality and they are just a little bit different - I will be placing an order as soon as I can!!

I am now back home with my feet up in front of the fire thinking about my next sewing project!

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