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Thursday, 18 December 2014

I Want That Coat!!

I have been completely lusting over this coat for the last week. Its from Miss Selfridge and looks so lovely on. The actual shape is straight up and down - misleadingly it looks a little pulled in around the waist here. The fur collar is also super warm and soft against the skin, the colour is really beautiful and it looks really elegant on. Its only £89 but I cant really afford it so it got me thinking about a cheaper self made option. This is something I definitely want to do more of in the future - getting more inspiration from items I love on the high street to help me plan my wardrobe better.

Miss Selfridge website
I have so far found a pattern, very easy Vogue V8754, given to me in a fabric and pattern swap at the most recent meeting of the London Dressmakers Club. I had tried the Miss Selfridge coat on in the afternoon before the meeting so made a beeline for the pattern because I think I can make something similar in style from it. I haven't made a Vogue pattern before so thought that it would be nice to try another commerical pattern company. I don't know why but Vogue patterns have always slightly intimidated me if I'm honest.

I willl probably have to make a couple of alterations to the collar to make it fit with a fluffy fur and I think I would change the pockets slighty too. I do want to have ones on the outside rather than in seam. One additional thing is that I will do bound buttonholes. You can't see it too clearly on the picture but the Miss Selfridge coat does have them - which I think is pretty high spec for a high street coat.

I have sourced a few different wools to try from Etsy for the outer shell - I couldn't find a soft baby blue I liked but have found various wools that I think could work. The first is a wool with a mixture of pinks and blues. It is a polyester and wool mix and medium weight. Its labelled as Kawaii fabric which means cute in Japanese...and isn't it just?!

HeyFabrics - Etsy
The second is a wool coating that has a chevron weave on it. There is a pink, black and navy wool to choose from. I think the navy is nice, especially as I already own a pink coat!

HeyFabrics - Etsy
As you will know from previous posts my favourite place so far to get hold of fabric - and in this case wool - has been to go online to Etsy as the choice is immense and you get the option of buying from all over the world. This can sometimes mean you pay a little extra in postage - and of course you have to be wary of the annoying custom charges - but I find that quite often I can find something a little different for a not too hefty price tag. I have listed a few of my favourite shops to look around - although I haven't bought from all of them so I can't guarantee the quality of the goods but the reviews are generally very good.

I have also been looking at fur for the collar. The collar of this coat is fur on both the upper and lower collar pieces and so I wanted to go for the same look if possible but I didn't want really cheap looking faux fur. Not having ever bought it before I wasn't really sure where to go to get the good stuff and so it really is going to be a bit of trial and error. The pattern piece for the collar on my pattern is also 20cms wide and a lot of trims I found were much smaller than this. Admittedly I may end up making it smaller when I do  toile of the coat but I figure its best to have options. MacCulloch and Wallis have a great selection of amazing looking trims but their largest white fur was only 14cms wide. Minerva Crafts also has a large range and then I found a brilliant website called fabric online that stocks loads of different variations. I also did the obligatory sweep through Etsy and found some brilliant vintage pieces of real fur from the 1930's and 40's as well as a lovely looking faux fur which is basically what I have gone for from Bodikian Textiles. They cut to the width needed which is great and its not overly expensive. Its always a bit daunting buying online though so fingers crossed that it will be ok when I get it through the post. As mentioned there were lots of vintage pieces of real fur available and some amazing fluffy collars to buy but I feel wrong purchasing real fur, even if it is vintage. In the end I thought going faux is definitely the way forward as its such good quality nowadays, so I opted for this instead.

Bodikian Textiles - Etsy
I am also keeping my options open to put on a detachable fur collar to have a bit of variety in my wardrobe and have found a couple of blog tutorials about how to do this below-

Coletterie - Removable custom faux fur collar for your coat
A Beautiful Mess - Detachable faux fur coat collar DIY

Now to decide which wool to go for....mmm decisions, decisions... which do you think would be best? I think this will be a lovely post Christmas sewing project. Now to get on with the next part of my winter wardrobe - the wrap dress from Gertie's book 'Gerite Sews Vintage Casual' which I reviewed here. Happy sewing everyone!

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