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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Sewing Challenges for 2015!

I have stumbled upon a couple of things in the blogsphere in the last couple of days that will help me to complete some of my New Years sewing resolutions in a fun and more purposeful way - and if you have seen the buttons appear on the right hand side of my blog you'll already know what I am talking about. I was flicking across different blogs looking at inspiration for my next make - a Papercut Rigel bomber jacket - and came across a Rigel Bomber challenge hosted by Ginger Makes. It seemed to be divine timing and so of course I have got myself involved. I think this challenge was initially talked about on her blog back in December last year but I missed that totally, however as I already have the fabric and lining I figured I haven't lost any time as I have everything ready to go.

I am using a quilters weight cotton fabric by Leah Duncan which is called 'City Lights Night', it has a black background with colourful dots all over it. Pretty isn't it?!

I have also found some black fleece fabric online and plan to make a winter bomber with a snuggly inside. I have a lovely handmade winter coat - with potential plans in the offing for another one after this coat is finished - but I lack a casual jacket in my wardrobe. I have been meaning to make this up and have had the pattern in my stash for yonks but I just haven't had inspiration to sew it up until now. And lets face it sewing it along with a load of other bloggers is a great way to get yourself motivated and to share progress.

From reading other peoples reviews of the jacket I think I will make a couple of amendments to the pattern - I will make the arms a couple of inches longer - as many people including Ginger say they come up short - and if they are too long it isn't hard to rectify. I am also going to enlarge the pocket bags as everyone says they are too small. I am in between sizes on this jacket and to make it easier I am cutting a medium and giving myself a 5/8 seam allowance (it only asks for a 3/8 on the pattern) so that the size falls in between a small and a medium. It also allows me room to let it out if the lining is too bulky. This is my only unknown on this jacket and I don't have enough to do a toile of the lining and outer fabric for a test.  I think the finished sizing's of the garment look fine for me though and I therefore I think I will forgo a toile on this. I may regret that but we will see!

This week my plan is to trace and cut the pattern and then cut out the fabric - both self and lining. I am not sure how much more I will get done but hopefully a basic stitch together of the outer jacket at least and I will keep you updated on how its going. The great thing about this is that I also get to tick off a skill on my list - welt pockets - and another item on my planned winter wardrobe.

Secondly whilst perusing the web I had a bloglovin feed pop into my email with a post from Handmade Jane about a vintage pattern year long challenge hosted jointly by A Stitching Odyssey and Kestrel Makes. Basically its called the 'vintage pattern sewing pledge' and anyone that wants to get involved just need to pledge how many vintage patterns they plan to sew up in 2015. I have pledged to make 4 vintage patterns - I have a 1950's and 1940's pattern already and a wealth of 70's patterns from my mum - some of which I may or may not attempt due to the rather bizarre styles and because my mum was clearly a lot skinnier than I was! This will also tick off some skills on my resolutions list. Nothing like getting on with learning new things to make you feel more creative. Here's to some fun sewing months ahead!

Mmm... just look at that strange mini skirt and flat cap combo from Simplicity. I wont be hurrying to make that one up any time soon!

And this one doesn't fit so would need some grading but I really love the wrap dress. I am becoming a bit of a wrap dress fan!

So are any of you getting involved in either of these challenges? If so do you have any ideas for creative Rigel's or have you got any vintage patterns you have been dying to try out?

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