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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

My Spring Wardrobe

It may not feel like spring is in the air...and well yes that would be because it isn't yet...but it soon will be and what better time to plan ahead for a lovely spring wardrobe. Spring requires brightness and colour after months of dark nights and cold days. It is also a time of year that we can start to shed the multiple layers of winter and look forward to summer. I had planned to sew up another coat with a furry collar as my next make but I have to say I have decided against it, mainly because I snapped the coat up I was planning to copy on EBay a few weeks ago and it took the wind out of my desire to make another one, unsurprisingly. Consequently I have shifted focus on to my spring wardrobe and have been busy buying new patterns and excitedly perusing fabric stores. This is a part of the sewing process I really relish in! So much opportunity, so much dreaming and imagination goes in to this stage. It's a point where anything is possible.

I have decided I want a few key items this spring. I am planning to make a jacket, kimono, a couple of shirts, a pencil skirt and a pair of trousers. I also want some more t-shirts. After making the Emmeline tee I suspect I will be making many more of them in various colours and fabrics. Versatility is the name of the game. I want to approach my wardrobe in a slightly different way this time looking at what I have already and what I want to go with my existing items.

I wear a lot of jeans and so I wanted to have some simple tops to slip on to look instantly elegant. I loved The Little Tailoress version of the Emmeline tee in lace and so I bought some of the eyelash lace she used from White Tree Fabrics. It arrived a few days ago and its so pretty and I cannot wait to start working with it although it will be a little nerve wracking as I haven't used lace before so it will be a new fabric to me. This is the kind of top you can wear casual or smarten it up with a skirt or smart trouser.  You can take a look here at my first version of the Emmeline in a slouchy grey soft knit. I have some white and blue knit fabric to make more plain ones too!

I loved Rachel from House of Pinheiro's version of the Tyler shirt from Named Clothing and it definitely help seal the deal to want to make this one up. I had been looking at this pattern for a while and especially like the raglan sleeve - loving that style at the moment and its super easy to put together. I plan to make it in a lovely liberty floral in Poppy and Daisy N - see below for the beautiful snapshot of red, pink and teal colours. Love!! A floral shirt reminds me so much of the shirts I used to wear when I was younger - I remember French Connection at one point doing a good run of flowery shirts and I kind of miss them. Flowery shirts and tailoring also seem to be abundant in all of the fashion magazines looking towards spring so it feels quite on trend as well. As a  plus it will also go equally well with my new faux leather skirt and my ever faithful jeans! I may even make more than one.....

Liberty Poppy and Daisy N
I also want to make the Melissa shirt from Papercut Patterns. It's a really pretty shirt, which looks at first glance like any other shirt pattern out there, and then you realise it has a beautiful gathered section at the top of the front bodice. I have chosen some teal coloured voile from the Bari J, Emmy Grace collection for this shirt. You will notice it is the bigger flowery version of the fabric Rachel used in her Tyler shirt. It is so beautiful! After my experience with the Rigel Bomber I can't wait to start on this pattern. I  also think it would look lovely in a nice chambray - I have been looking out for a denim style shirt in the shops and haven't found anything of any interest so far so I guess I should just go ahead and make my own! Plus I am going to actually attempt to make my boyfriend a shirt for spring/ summer. I have bought the Colette Patterns Negroni for him...but more about him on another post! My aim is that after making both the Tyler and Melissa shirt patterns up that I will be pro enough to attempt it and do it justice!

Bari J Emmy Grace

I have been meaning to make a kimono for absolute ages. My favourite one in my wardrobe got trapped in a zip and got ruined so its been put away after a lengthy service. I definitely miss it because it was so versatile and I would throw it over dresses and jeans. It is also great to stuff in a bag and pull out in the evenings when you are getting a little chilly. I found this gorgeous fabric on Til The Sun Goes Down and am thinking about making one from it. I also thought I could make one up in some liberty silk that has been hiding in the back of my stash for ages. Again it would work brilliantly with my jeans and also the lace Emmeline tee. So once I have finally decided on the fabric I need to work out whether to copy my old one or to choose a new pattern to use. Thankfully Andrea from Andrea's notebook has gathered a load of great kimono tutorials here so we don't have to!

Now I really want trousers but I am more interested in a sort of skirt trouser hash up, and so in comes the lovely culotte. I spotted this Erin culotte on the Style Arc email newsletter a couple of weeks ago. How have I not made anything from this company so far they have so much on offer!? I know this diagram doesn't do them much justice but I think they are pretty and the pleats at the front should make a nice feature. I plan to make them out of the Alison Glass fabric called Geese in Charcoal. I just adore this fabric and have been wanting to use it for ages. I think it is the perfect fabric for these culottes making them just a touch edgier than they maybe are! And hopefully this piece will take me through to summer.


My jacket pick for spring is the Burda jacket from the December 2011 issue. I really love it in the blue fabric in the picture below and now cant seem to see it any other way. I am not sure what type of fabric I want to use though so will be having a little think about this. I just want something that will work with jeans so thinking the navy colour will work well or at least something neutral. I do hate putting Burda patterns together but I am kind of a little in love with this one!

For my skirt option I was thinking of making a pencil skirt. I keep seeing orangey red colours all over the place and think I would quite like a skirt made out of a fine wool, ponte knit or a thick cotton in this colour. I have just bought a dark denim peplum top from GAP which is lovely but I think it needs a high waisted skirt and a huge colour pop to go with it. I plan to make my own from my blocks. Its about time I used them!

Lastly but definitely not least I plan to make the first of my four vintage pledge items but I will write about this in another post - so watch this space! I cannot wait to get started on my sewing plans!!

Have you got your spring wardrobe planned out? If so what are you making?

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