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Sunday, 17 May 2015

Erin Culottes By Style Arc Finished

May I present my Erin culottes from Style Arc! A piece from my Spring/ Summer wardrobe. And they are a completely plain, not a multi-coloured, patterned garment!! They are so plain I felt like scribbling a pattern on to them to jazz them up a bit whilst making them but I am trying hard to be a little more conscious of my pattern obsession and to pad my wardrobe out with actual wearable items that go with each other. Now I have finished them and tried them on I can say definitively that the lack of pattern is a positive and I really, really love them. Here's to sewing up more plain pieces (in the non patterned sense not plain boring!).

The style inspiration for these culottes was the lovely bright orange pair made by Ada Spragg. In my last post I talked about wanting to create both a more streamlined wardrobe, trying to be more thoughtful by both make things that aren't overly patterned but also by keeping to a colour palette. I decided to choose yellow from my chosen colours after seeing Ada's pair although originally had planned a lemon rather than pale yellow. It was only that the poplin I tried to buy had gunk all over it so I resorted to the mellower shade they had left in stock. I thought it may be a little too dull but actually I am glad the gunk ruined the other shade as I think it may have put me off wearing them if they had been brighter. So thank the Sewing Gods for a soiled fabric bolt!

The great thing about this fabric is it was super cheap - the whole garment cost £14.50! The downside is it seems to crinkle like hell and it attracts fluff!! I also managed to iron on dirt on to them - don't know where it came from, don't know why my lovely new iron has done this, so excuse dirty marks if you see them!

This is the first Style Arc pattern I have sewn up. I came across them a while ago and think they have an amazing selection of great designs and they seem quite contemporary. I don't think I have ever seen a pattern company apart from the big 4 that churn them out so quickly. It means there is a LOT to chose from! And I will definitely be back for more from them.

The patterns come in separate sizing's so you choose the closest one to your body shape and when you purchase it you get the size above and below as well. I didn't fit neatly into either a 10 or 12 so chose to print the 12 and grade it down which also involved moving some of the pleat lines. Honestly I much prefer to have all of the sizes nested together rather printing your size out separately as its easier to grade but whilst admittedly the grading process took the longest time out of the whole sewing process it wasn't at all hard, especially as I was only grading the waist. Putting the actual culottes together took all of about three hours. They were both super easy and super fast, although I admit to getting mildly confused with the instructions about how to do the front crossed over pleats. Once I had got my head around that then I ditched the instructions for the most part as I thought they just confused issues honestly. The only thing I did differently from the pattern as far as I can see is that I didn't sew the pocket bags on until all the front pleats had been made. It just made more sense to me. I did this after reading about Sallieoh's Erin culottes. Such a beautiful pair of patterned culottes!! Looking at these makes me want a patterned pair!!!! I guess that the pattern addiction doesn't go away overnight!

Me Made May outfit
I really like these culottes, I think they are just a little bit cool and a little bit beautiful, mainly because they have the look of a full midi skirt from the front and this is another style I am loving at the moment. The pleats really make them very flattering. I am not sure if my bum is a little big in these but I think they fit pretty well. I can see another pair of these coming in the near future....

I didn't bother with a blind hem as suggested in the instructions; I couldn't see the point on a poplin material this cheap. I bought it mainly to see how I would feel about a plain fabric and also to test my thoughts on wearing yellow. I don't wear it often so I didn't want to spend loads on a fabric to realise I hated it. In the end I really like this shade so maybe I can splash the cash on a more expensive yellow fabric next time. What do you think? Do you plan on making a pair of culottes for yourself or does this style make you want to run a mile...?!

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Me Made May 2015

Along with a huge number of other bloggers and home sewers out there I have decided to take part in Me Made May 2015 - a celebration of handmade clothing hosted by Zoe from So Zo... What Do You Know. I admit I signed up with both a lot of excitement and a little trepidation. I thought by this point into my blog I would have loads of things to wear during May but it turns out I really don't. Sewing for a year has probably only yielded enough items to carry me through a hot summer wearing a months worth of me-made summer dresses and tops but at this point in Spring it feels a little chilly to be breaking out the summer wardrobe. I thought this may exclude me from taking part but when reading the 'rules' it turns out, well there really are no rules. In other words you don't need to wear only me-made items every day but pledge to how ever much or little per week you please, mixing it in with shop bought or re-fashioned, up-cycled etc... Much less pressure than I thought! So ditching the trepidation I have decided to take part in a way in which I think I can comfortably participate.

And so to my pledge for this month - 'I, Sarah of Sewing Beautifully, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '15. I endeavour to wear 3 me-made garments a week for the duration of May 2015'

I plan to take a photo of every outfit I wear and post them at the end of May to see just how I did! Cant wait to see if I make it!

So I am on the 5th Day in May and to start me off here is my first Me-Made May outfit - A Wiksten tank top, an item made before this lovely blog started.

Excuse the phone photo but I think that typifies Me-Made May - I want to be enabled to make a quick daily record of me consciously wearing home made garments - not trying to style it out for the camera which frankly I am hopeless at anyway. I hope by the end of this month to have cherished my Me-Made wardrobe more than I do presently. I guess in the end that this is why we are all taking part. Will you be part of this Me-Made May and if so how many days of the week have you pledged to wear Me-Made garments? And if you want to there's still time to sign up to the challenge!