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Sunday, 21 June 2015

Self Drafted Pencil Skirt

This has been a long time in the making, sitting on my sewing table being sewn little by little in the last month in between a hectic work and social life, and then it took me an age to get around to blogging about it so apologies for that. It was my final handmade outfit made almost but not quite in time for Me Made May. I wore it to a lovely wedding in the Isle of Wight this weekend so excuse the slightly bedraggled me in most of these pictures, I had very little sleep this weekend.

This skirt is a simple pencil skirt, made from fabric in my stash and drafted from my personal skirt block – nothing fancy but just what I needed in my wardrobe. I love the colour of this fabric, and the batik print. It makes me feel like holidays are on the horizon.

I have so much of this fabric in my stash, having bought it to make the By Hand London jumpsuit then quickly deciding the pattern wasn’t for me. I am trying to be more thoughtful with my fabric purchases now, buy when there is a need and desire to sew something specific, not in the hope I will find something to make from it, and most importantly definitely don’t buy for something I am not even sure about making (I include patterns in this too – I have a number of patterns that I realise I am never going to use. I may love the designs but they just don’t suit me which is a total pain and waste of money). I still do this ‘of the moment purchasing’ occasionally but I can honestly say I am getting better at it.

I decided to line the skirt with black lining to make it more comfortable although really in retrospect I should have chosen a lighter colour as I am sure you can see it peaking through at times, but again I was busting my stash (and saving my wallet). I always think a lined item feels more finished and helps to stop the fabric rucking and wrinkling as much. Plus I couldn’t be bothered to change the serger thread so I have white seams on the interior of an orangey skirt. Best to cover them really! I made a facing for the inside of the skirt with the lining attached to this. I sewed them together in a roundabout, clunky way – not ideal but I got there in the end. I made up the skirt lining as per the outer skirt and then made the facing. I then measured the facing and cut the unnecessary fabric off the top of the lining. Worked well but it’s a rather long winded (and wasteful) way of doing it. I just didn’t have any paper to cut out a separate lining pattern so just improvised in my own special way!

I realised at the zip stage that I didn’t have one of the right length in my sewing box. No problem. After a quick google and a few over, over stitches 9 inches down the longest zip known to man I had shortened my first zip. I actually can’t believe I haven’t done this before, I usually just wait to buy one, but it’s so easy!

So what do you think? I really like this skirt. Its so simple but I believe in sometimes just letting the fabric do the talking!!

I think I will knock a couple more of these lovely skirts up in plain colours, maybe move the darts and make it a little more interesting. I know I can do a bit of pattern manipulation if I try…. I must not be scared!! Happy Sewing everyone!

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