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Saturday, 25 July 2015

The Ultimate Vegas Outfit Challenge

It was a month ago that I decided to take part in the 'Ultimate Vegas Outfit' challenge to style an outfit that I could wear at one of their amazing looking Vegas hotels. I don't normally partake in things like this but looking through the pictures of all their Vegas hotels I had some inspiration for my perfect outfit to take me from day to night. Now someone take me to Vegas!! It has to be said that I also liked the fact that the other bloggers taking part in this challenge seem to be fashion bloggers and by sewing my outfit I thought I could approach it in a slightly different way. Plus I have had a sewing dip recently and it gave me just the push I needed to engage my brain and get back into it again.

So what springs to mind when you think of Las Vegas? For me I have never personally had the good fortune to go there but it's definitely on my 'tick list' of places to visit - maybe on an American style road trip from LA along Route 66. I imagine it to be baking hot (well its in the middle of a desert isn't it?!), hugely over the top, very glam (you cant think Vegas without thinking Rat Pack) and basically super fun and flamboyant. I wanted to make something that represented this, something frivolous and full on that would keep me cool in the sun but be dressy enough to wear in the evening. I chose the Bellagio as my inspiration; imagining myself having a meal whilst gazing at their infamous fountains from the veranda at the Picasso restaurant and then ending the evening with a cocktail or two in the Hyde bar with their huge window looking out on to the lights of Vegas.

Picasso restaurant - courtesy of Vegas.Com
Hyde Bar - courtesy of
The inspiration for my skirt is the Rachel Comey Bossa skirt in a beautiful plumy purple colour. I hearted this skirt with much intensity for over a month but decided I couldn't afford the £355 price tag, and so in an attempt to right the wrongs of the past and never having the courage to try and replicate things without a pattern I made my own. First time!! And I am dead proud of myself even if I do say so!

It's a long midi wrap skirt with a wide frill that runs around the bottom of the skirt, curves round at the front and joins the waistband creating something that reminds me a little of flamenco dresses. The skirt then ties with two long cotton ties (which took ages to turn out and drove my a little bit mad!!). 

I really love the fabric, an Atelier Brunette gem in soft lawn called Shine Green Coral. It is definitely more blue than green though... I am a wee bit colour blind but it doesn't look as I thought it would when it turned up in the post. Whilst it doesn't quite fit into my new ethos of only making things in plain fabrics I don't think its too busy or over the top pattern wise. I ordered three meters and basically made up the pattern as I went along, measuring and pinning directly on to the fabric and cutting freehand with no real pattern to work from. And in the end I used practically all of it on this skirt, so no wastage!

Lastly my lovely top is made from the free Workroom Social Tate top which can be found to download here. I found the fabric in a remnant bin in a local shop. Its a funny feeling cotton. It has a slightly raised design on the fabric and it has a little bit of a sheen to it. 

My machine hated both the fabric and the cotton I used to sew it together and so its not necessarily the best bit of sewing I have ever done, but I  have to say I do love it. It was a super easy pattern to follow. I think I only changed a couple of things. I didn't add the zip in and the back as I thought it was too much on this simple top, instead I made a loop from plaited thread and sewed a flower button on the other side of the top. In retrospect it gapes a little now so I probably should have used a better fastener or sewed it all the way to the top - I think I can still get my head through it - but it still works ok. I also started with the top slightly longer than in the pattern as I was worried to show any belly but when I tried the skirt on with  it I realised it was far too long and made me look boxy so I shortened it considerably. The only thing is that the pattern doesn't have any sizing instructions on it, just finished sizes, and so going by what I thought included reasonable ease I cut out a size which was in the end about an inch too wide either side. Easily rectified but I think it would help to add this on to the pattern to make it clearer.

Taking the skirt for a spin :-)
So what do you think? I hope you like my first foray into making something without a pattern!  Happy sewing everyone!

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