Made by Me!

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Adrift Skirt and Wrap Top Finished!

This is the second Papercut patterns make from the Ahoy collection, the Adrift skirt, made in a vibrant African wax print of dazzling primary colours. It feels so summery! I am also wearing a handmade black wrap top which is a version of Megan Nielson's maternity wrap top, just slightly lower cut at the front and with shorter and thinner wrap sections. This was mainly due to lack of fabric. I hadn't really planned to make this top but having made it for a very pregnant friend a few years back it had been playing in the back of my mind that it would work really well as a normal (no baby bump) top! Plus I thought an African wax skirt and a black wrap top was the outfit for early summer that I was after. I was bored one day when I was off in between jobs and just decided to rifle through my stash and the outfit idea  just came together when I found my last scrap of black jersey. This was one of the first pieces of fabric I bought way back when I first started sewing a few years ago. It's kind of nice all this time later to finally make something I will wear out of it.

Have you ever tried to choose African wax's sooo difficult! So many bright colours and patterns to choose from. I bought mine on EBay in the end but it took for blooming ever! Scrolling and scrolling and scrolling,  I just could not make my mind up. In the end you have to settle on something though don't you!? I do like what I chose but now I am salivating over all the other patterns and I want something else!! Originally I wanted to make a pencil skirt with a big tie belt and I think I may well do that on another make soon...

The Adrift skirt is a really simple make. I think it took me about 4 hours in total. The most annoying bit was the rolled hem. I tried my rolled hem foot again (after using it on the Moana top). It was used with mixed success again, mainly because the fabric was a little too thick at the seams to go through the foot without jamming it. I had to do those bits by folding the fabric under by hand and sewing it down with the normal machine foot. You live and learn. I should have seen that coming really but its sooo quick when you get a good run on it.

I thought that the frills would fall with more frilliness but I expect that's due in part to the stiffness of the fabric and I do like the shape of the cross over front and slight waviness of the fabric. And it does look just like the version on the front of the pattern packet. I guess it's just the whole skirt isn't as fitted as I would like, well not in the right places anyway. I am looking forward to trying the dress version in a soft flowy fabric as I think it may fall much better.

When putting on the skirt the waist neither sits properly on my true waist or well actually anywhere. I tried it lower, above the hip, on the waist and anywhere in between and it just doesn't quite work. The top I am wearing tucks in the gaping bit but it still bugs a little and honestly not sure how to rectify it. I think a straight waistband may have worked better for me here.

Instead of the hooks and eyes I used buttons and sewed buttonholes. I just felt like hooks would rub and possibly come undone super easily. That's not the sort of wardrobe malfunction you want walking down the street! I think its a good alternative and it looks nice.

So do I think I will wear it? Yes but possibly not as much as I would like. I think this is in part due to the fact the waistband feels annoyingly off and ill fitted and in part also because the fabric is sooooo super flashy, blingy, here I am can you see me and I am by nature someone who wants to blend... I know you are asking yourself, why choose fabrics like this if this is how I feel?, but I don't regret using the fabric for this project because its exactly what I imagined when I made it. And it's an outfit for a day when I want to be confident and taken notice of. And whilst this project may not be 100% I don't mind. It would be boring if everything you made was super perfect. Its a learning experience after all. The most exciting thing about this pattern is that you can get two such different looks from one pattern and I am really looking forward to making the dress.

Would you like to try this pattern and if so is it the dress or skirt you prefer?