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Sunday, 22 January 2017

Sew House Seven Toaster #1 Sweater - Finished!

The Sew House Seven Toaster Sweater is one of two variations, which you can buy together or separately, a brilliant idea if you don't fancy both styles, but not when like me you fixedly look for the pattern you want and don't realise you can buy them together, excitement getting in the way of being able to read and missing out on a bit of a bargain. I kicked myself when I realised but really they are such great patterns I don't mind really paying full price for both.

This is the first of the two Toaster sweaters, the other version is only formed in my mind at the
moment but I have some lovely fabric waiting and the PDF pattern is all taped together, cut out and ready to use. They vary in two ways, this version has long cuffs, a wide waistband and a high neck whilst the Toaster #2 has a lower neck, split hem and lower back. I love both but really only planned on making this version and then the #sewmystyle project popped up in my Instagram account and I was hooked on the idea of making an item a month, to build up a handmade wardrobe across the year with discounts on the selected patterns and a motivation to post something at the end of every month. This project is now fully subscribed (at least to get the discounts) but you can still sew along. Check out Bluebird Fabrics and the Instragram account from the organiser, @alexbartholomew_. This with my make nine items ahead of me means I have a lot of sewing to do this year!

I have made this toasty Toaster in a marl effect spongy, heavy viscose jersey bought from Raystitch. There is still some left and also in another couple of colour ways, oat and mauve.This one is called flamingo though I consider it more red than pink, but being mildly colour blind god knows how other people see it! I bought this fabric whilst going to a book signing for Gertie's Ultimate Dress Book (fan girl photo below!). I didn't plan on buying anything as I was completely broke but a couple of glasses of bubbly down and my fabric defences were down. Plus you cant stand surrounded by amazing fabrics for hours without giving into temptation! Raystitch is such a beautiful shop. 

This jersey fabric was a little difficult to sew on my serger. It was so spongy it slipped a little on a couple of occasions but overall I managed to sew it all up without too much incident. That's until I tried it on. The arms were so long, they came to my fingers. I had to chop off about two inches to make them short enough. Now I am not sure whether its the stretch of the fabric that did this or whether it is the actual pattern - my fabric has 100% stretch! I am making my mum one soon and I am not sure if I need to make alterations. We are very similar in shape so I would assume that I do but I may cut to the proper length and then check before sewing on the cuffs. Cutting them off and sewing them back on again has meant they are a little wonky for my liking but no-one has noticed!

The one thing I will change on my next Toaster is to make it longer, and I have seen other bloggers do the same. I really like the length but would prefer it to skim my bum rather than sit higher up on my hip. I would also make the sweater in a more structured fabric. It has worked well in this jersey but over time and wear it has sagged a little at the neck. I guess I shouldn't be surprised but as this is such a feature of the top I would like to make one that actually stays up all the time! I am also not sure if the fabric choice means the arms are a little less fitted than I would like. I suspect that it will change the whole top making it in a proper sweatshirt fabric with only 20% stretch.

Overall I really love this pattern. Its a really great basic and it has something more about it than the normal sweatshirts out there. Plus for all the downsides of a super stretchy fabric the thickness and softness of this jersey mean its super warm! I have had loads of compliments on it and as soon as I have time I will make another one. Have you tried this pattern yet and if not will you give it a go?

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