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Thursday, 12 January 2017

The Grainline Scout Tee - Finished!

The Scout Tee from Grainline Studio is a pattern I have wanted to try for ages. I have been late to the party with Grainline patterns but I am trying to make up for time now! My oh my Jen Beeman has an eye for style. All of the patterns I have tried are not only stylish but super easy to follow, sew together so well and they fit me perfectly - its always a joy when you don't need to alter anything - Yip!

The fabric is a sarong I bought on my honeymoon in Sri Lanka - I bought two and only used one so I have some of this left for another project. I was desperate to find some fabrics to bring back from but I have to admit to not finding much out there that was special, I liked or was adequate dress making weight. It was also too hot to browse for fabrics so it was on our last day whilst using up the random holiday money that was left that I bagged a couple of sarongs with this exact top in mind. Now it is a very see through fabric so the first thing I did was cut out some black lawn in the same pattern pieces and underlined the fabric, sewing the lawn to the wrong side of the sarong fabric to create a sturdier and opaque fabric before sewing each piece together. This top is simple to make with so few pieces but with the addition of the underlining pieces this top took much longer than it would normally take to make up - all in order to preserve my modesty!

Whilst the fabric is lovely the downside is the pattern doesn't completely sit on the grain, its not vastly off but it meant it was a little confusing when cutting out and I may have cheated a little with being precise. I also needed to be careful not to place a circle over a boob! I think I managed to the pattern placement okay though!

One thing I do like about the scout tee is that the simplicity of this top really lets the fabric sing. You could have a really stunning bold fabric that on another fiddly item would be lost. Originally I wanted a bold, large floral patterned fabric but I couldn't find exactly what I wanted. Still searching!! I find its always the way that when you know what you want you cant find it!

This will form a part of the basics section in my wardrobe. A simple top to throw over jeans. I do think I need some plain ones of these and maybe a luxurious one. Do I fancy cutting up some more silk yet??! Mmm maybe, just maybe.... It is a really simple top to sew with no darts or fiddly bits. It does mean it doesn't contour the body but hangs a little from the bust but I don't find it unflattering.

Overall I can't fault it. It is a super simple top that anyone could tackle and I really think it will fill a nice little hole in my wardrobe. Happy sewing everyone!


  1. Love this t shirt... It looks fantastic. I also love this pattern and have made it 5 times already (albeit with various neck and sleeve variations). Go on try the silk version. I'm sure it will be wonderful.

    1. Thanks Emma. I think I will try and cut that silk up you know, it's about time I stopped being scared of it! And plus I think it would make a lovely t-shirt. I definitely want to do some variations on this, maybe a kimono sleeve so I dont have to set in the sleeves, how lazy is that!? :-) Here's to more Scout tees!


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