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Sunday, 5 February 2017

Sew House Seven Toaster #2 Sweater Finished!

Here is my version of the Sew House Seven Toaster #2 sweater. I made it as part of the #sewmystyle challenge on Instagram but as it wasn't finished until mid-week this week I failed to post it on time. Better late than never though! My main problem was thinking I had grey thread when actually I appeared to have imagined it. I have done the same with my current project so my Sunday sewing has been a bit of a failure all round. All the more time to browse the Internet for more fabrics I guess! I am trying to stop myself from buying more jersey... I have become quite the jersey obsessive since realising its not so difficult to sew and I really enjoying making all these basics. Its what my wardrobe has been missing.

So the Toaster has two variations, the other being a sweater with a high collar, cuffs and waistband. You can see my version here. This one has a lower neck, I think this type of collar is called a boat neck - the neck opening resembling the outline of a simple boat shape. 

I wanted to create a plain top, something basic to fit in to my everyday wardrobe. I wear jeans pretty much every day to work so I need a constant stream of smart/ casual tops to go with them. I decided in the end to use a dark grey brushed french terry fabric which I purchased from Stoff and Stil, a brilliant Danish fabric store which now has an online UK shop. Yay! Check them out they have some lovely fabrics. This fabric is lovely and cosy, with a soft brushed underside which makes it snuggly to wear and warm on colder days.

On to the pattern itself. Had it not been for the lack of sewing thread I would have completed this in a few hours. The construction is super simple. I put the sweater together mainly with my overlocker but used a twin needle on the cuffs and hemline. You have to use your normal sewing machine for the neck and actually you could use it for the whole thing making it accessible to anyone to try. Sewing the hem was the trickiest bit as you cant go around corners with a twin needle, instead you have to lift the needle out, turn the fabric and place the needle accurately back in to the fabric again before carrying on. It worked pretty well I think though I cant say its perfect. Next time will be better. Overall I am much more confident with a twin needle than I used to be. Its just a case of always remembering to lengthen the stitch a little and testing it out before committing it to the final sewing project. Then of course a swift press when done.

Like most people that have made this pattern up I loved the construction of the mitered corners, they were really easy but make the top look super profession and polished when finished. It was just a case of folding each of the corners in half right side together and when they are turned the right side out you have neat squared corners on your top ready to be hemmed down. Love it!!

If I am honest I wasn't sure whether this top would suit me. I made it as part of the #sewmystyle challenge but was sort of 50/50 on the style. It reminded me somehow of a painters smock. Now I have made it I do love it but I was actually still quite unsure until I finished it. The only alteration I made was to lengthen it by 3cms as the pictures always show this as quite a short top. I think it would be nice in the original length as well but I thought that I would get more wear out of it if it was a little longer.

Overall I love the Toaster #2 and will definitely make it up again. What do you think? Why not check out other peoples amazing versions on Instagram for more inspiration!

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